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SubscriberVoice keeps your subscribers (happy). Turn the email addresses on your list into real people with actionable insights that drive better business results.

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    Megan T
    Just now
    I'm loving this! You are the only company I use and everyone I send to LOVES your product.
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    Michael H
    Just keep them coming :) So nice to know you care that your customers are satisfied and your staff are always willing to help with recommendations.
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    Joe B
    Wish there was more variety in products featured and pictures. Love seeing new items!
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    Jessica M
    You guys have really nice emails! I always love seeing them, they look so tidy and professional and make me want to buy everything!

Give your subscribers a voice

Listening is a great way to earn a person’s trust. SubscriberVoice makes it easy to build trusted relationships across every email touchpoint.

Message seal

Your email subscribers are people. People who want you to listen and value their opinion. When you do, you don't just get happier subscribers - you get better results. Add the SubscriberVoice Message Seal to your emails and start talking with your subscribers instead of at them.

SubscriberVoice credibly demonstrates to our subscribers that their experience is a top priority.

-Carey Marston, SmartPak

-Carey Marston, SmartPak

Go beyond opens, clicks, and unsubscribes

ESP data looks backwards at individual campaign results. The SubscriberVoice Experience Index (SXI) provides a more comprehensive forward looking measurement of the overall subscriber relationship. It is the only experience index for email - predictive of loyalty, purchase behavior, lifetime value, churn, and the likelihood to recommend.

Transform your email to subscriber-driven

SubscriberVoice gives you everything you need to keep subscribers happy. Take your emails beyond a one-way information push to a subscriber-driven conversation.


Are you building stronger relationships with email? See how your subscribers feel, monitor brand health and understand the impact of your marketing.

ESP data lets you know what happened, SubscriberVoice will let you understand why.

-Tofer Johnson,

-Tofer Johnson,

Works with any email provider

Get started in less than 5 minutes (no, really - we timed it). Just cut and paste the SubscriberVoice Message Seal into your email template.

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